Bitless Equestrian Centre

We had already been UK agents for Dr Cook Bitless Bridles (trading as Bitless Bridle UK) for some years before moving to Gwarallt in 2006 – since the property had a small indoor school and I knew an excellent intuitive & sympathetic teacher (Rosemary Carrington-Rogers) it seemed obvious to open a riding school, (taking in a few liveries on the way) using exclusively bitless & barefoot horses with treeless saddles & call it Bitless Equestrian Centre.

Rosemary & I spent many happy times teaching people a kinder & more sympathetic approach to training & riding horses, but with the huge leap in annual licence costs & one or two other factors, we had no option but to sadly close the riding school in 2017.

The livery side of the business is thriving, we especially love the retirement liveries who seem to really blossom in a herd on the track; we offer teaching to our livery clients and we take horses in for training on a full livery basis too.

Our online shop is still busy – with all the tried & tested (by us) products we have become known for – Big Bale Buddies, large ‘slow-feeder’ hay nets,  products for natural parasite control,  including Four Seasons anti-parasitic, quality hand-made rope products (especially the knotless rope halter), Red Horse products & pesticide-free, fibre-based horse feed from Emerald Green & St Hippolyt.

Bitless Equestrian Online Shop

What about Bitless Bridle UK?

I have been asked if I’ve given up selling the Dr Cook Bitless Bridle due to issues with the bridle itself.  I can assure everyone that I still endorse the Dr Cook BB wholeheartedly & use them all the time.

Having sold it for nearly 14 years, personal circumstances forced the decision to firstly cut back on the stock and then ultimately to not replace stock as I sold it.

At the moment I still have a few bridles and some bridle parts – they will be in the online shop – and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

As I mentioned on the home page, the new owners of The Bitless Bridle Inc are hopefully soon to appoint an agent(s) for the UK.  As soon as that happens, we will put a link to the new agent’s website 🙂

In the meantime we can recommend this company in Germany who stock the Dr Cook and other bitless bridles