Bitless & Natural Horses – Links to Websites of Interest

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Barefoot Horse Links

“All horses can go barefoot, but not all owners can.” Cindy Sullivan

Barehoof Performance– website of Melanie Fauske, also a graduate of Barehoof Strategy (Dan Guerrera) based in Gloucestershire

Barefoot is Normal Blog –  list of equestrian centres where it’s considered normal for horses to live and work barefoot (or use hoof boots for work)

Barefoot Hooves– with an excellent FAQ section – highly recommended reading

Healthy Hooves – Jayne Hunt’s excellent website with very useful, downloadable information sheets on various aspects of barefoot

Equine Podiatry Ireland – website of Dermot McCourt, remedial equine podiatrist in Ireland

Why Barefoot Horses – 3-minute video by Joe Camp (author of The Soul of a Horse)

Tribe Equus – Cindy Sullivan’s site about barefoot hooves and lots of other interesting stuff

Thermography of shod and barefoot hooves – amazing images of differences between barefoot & shod horses

Natural Hoof New Zealand – interesting information re transition to barefoot

Barefoot Police Horses!

Barefoot Horse – Marjorie Smith’s web site (USA) with a huge amount of information, and many photographs regarding barefoot trimming including treating founder (laminitis)

Pete Ramey – Hoof Rehabilitation Specialist – Dan Guerrera is now based in Chichester, UK and offers bare hoof trimming clinics worldwide – a very interesting page on this highly informative web site [“Treating Founder (Chronic Laminitis) without Horseshoes”], showing how the use of more humane tack (bitless bridle, treeless saddle) combined with correct hoof trimming allows the horse to achieve ‘collection’ naturally and ‘disproves the common belief that conformation is inherited and immutable…’

The Horse’s Hoof – News for natural hoofcare, including many interesting articles (UK racehorse wins barefoot), barefoot success stories etc

Tomas G Teskey Veterinary Insights

Natural Horse links

Animal Self Heal – sister website to Bitless Equestrian, offering a wide range of high quality Applied Zoopharmacognosy supplies including essential oils, aromatic waters, macerated oils & herbs

Holistic Vet – veterinary consultancy with a special interest in evidence-based equine and canine natural nutrition, botanical medicine and homeopathy

Essential Animals  Learn how you can use essential oils for animals

Equine Breathing the natural way to help your horse

Fair Horsemanship Humane, Science-Based Horse Training

Trinity Consultants Horse Health Specialists & Equine Nutritionists


General Horse Links

Smallholding UK – looking for a smallholding or equestrian property in UK or Ireland?  Have equestrian property to sell? Competitively priced private property advertising. Also smallholding & equine-related classified ad section

All Breed Horse Pedigree Database Excellent resource for tracing horse ancestry

Better Saddles – provides a wide range of traditional & treeless saddles and knowledge to go with them; novel ‘Treeless Saddle Selector’ which is extremely helpful if you’re considering buying a treeless saddle

Equi-Arenas West Wales  Family business specialising in design, construction & refurbishment of horse riding arenas, manèges (sometimes erroneously called ménages), round pens and sand schools throughout Wales & further afield