Cashel foam pad


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A Cashel® foam pad (1½” x 12″ x ¾” thick), with a channel or groove sculpted on one side down its length, to place underneath a noseband, chinstrap or bridle headpiece to cushion and prevent chafing. Cut length to fit.

This is made from the unique Cashel® closed-cell foam which is constructed so the cells are encapsulated like the cells of a beehive, making it difficult for water or air to pass through easily.

Closed-cell foam is a superior material for cushioning as it will compress but not collapse completely. Cashel has used the same unique closed-cell foam (originally designed for the aerospace industry) since 1986. This durable closed-cell foam does not absorb sweat, moisture or bacteria so that it is easy to clean and will not rot or smell if hosed off after use.

Cashel® closed-cell foam is considered superior to gel products for several reasons:

  • with constant use Cashel believes that gel consistency eventually breaks down and becomes more liquid thus lessening its cushioning qualities
  • Gel products weigh significantly more than Cashel closed-cell foam products
  • Because they are filled with a liquid, gel pads absorb and retain heat. Cashel closed-cell foam does not
  • Gel products cannot be sculpted, beveled, or wedged the way Cashel products can, limiting custom therapeutic uses of gel pads
  • Gel products are typically significantly more expensive than the same product made out of Cashel closed-cell foam

Photo shows foam channel fitted under the chinstrap of a black beta bridle

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