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Homeopathic Worming Combination from Allium Healing

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This worming combination is designed to rid the body of parasites and then prevent them from being able to exist within the body. It is the only remedy that Allium Healing sells without testing your animals first.  All animals tested so far have needed a 35c potency with no deviations – yet!

The remedy is a combination of 5 different homeopathic remedies –

China Officinalis
Filix Mas
Nat Phos

The standard dosing is one dose a day for 7 days, followed by a 7 day break, then again once dose a day for another 7 days. Then leave a 3 month break and repeat the 7/7/7 pattern; continue in that pattern to keep your animals parasite-free.  So every three months you will use approximately 50 drops – a 10 ml bottle contains roughly 200 drops.

We do however recommend if your animal is known to have a parasite burden that we test first as occasionally they will need once daily for 14 days (or longer) in the first instance, or in some cases twice daily. After the initial worm burden has been cleared, the pattern reverts to 7/7/7 every 3 months.

This combination will treat your animals for immature liver fluke and keep them clear of fluke. However to treat adult liver fluke they will need herbal tinctures. The herbal tinctures rarely manage to treat the immature fluke however, so a full initial test is the way forward to establish fluke stages and how best to treat.

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