Horse Training Livery

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Training Livery includes Starting, Re-Starting, Backing, Bringing On

All training that we undertake is bitless

The weekly fee includes full livery as detailed here and several training sessions each week; timing & duration depends on the horse’s requirements.  The horse’s owner is encouraged to attend & take part in at least one training session each week if possible.

For horse owners not based locally, there is a static caravan where you can stay to enable you to attend training sessions.

1 review for Horse Training Livery

  1. Emma

    Love this place! My 13 year old daughter has her horse on livery here. We are so relieved to have found a place to keep Isla the horse with peace of mind that she will be well cared for, loved and treated naturally and with respect. Their belief in the rights of horses to be treated as amazing and intelligent beings, to be handled with sensitivity and understanding of the horses natural ways, responding to the horse and its needs is such an eye opener and shows us how we all need to move into this way of being with horses.

    The training that my daughter receives is outstanding in its expertise… I am blown away by how much my daughter has learnt from them. Because of the training she has received she has an intimate and bonded relationship with her horse, she has learnt how to communicate with Isla from which Isla responds to her…no bullying, aggression, forcing, whipping, breaking involved! My daughter has also learnt so much about her own boundaries and reactions. She has learnt to think like her horse and now has a bomb proof horse and is on her way to becoming a horse trainer herself i think!

    From Isla staying at the livery she has learnt about many things, natural care, herbs, oils and much more.
    I, as a mother feel so confident in my daughter’s ability with her horse now, as I can see how much both her and her horse have benefited, learnt, grown and become bonded since being at Bitless.. I can’t recommend it highly enough.

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