Ground-feeding Haynet



Hay net to encourage natural feeding position in field or yard

Trickle feeder, slow feeder, two mesh sizes 45 mm & 60 mm

Horses, ponies, donkeys & mules are grazing animals and it is important that we simulate these conditions when feeding hay, haylage or other forage either indoors or out

Natural feeding position (on or near to the ground):

  1. ensures correct alignment of the jaw when eating thus helping to avoid many dental problems
  2. aids respiration since the airways and sinuses are able to drain
  3. helps the back muscles and ensures correct development of youngsters
  4. stops incorrect muscle from developing under the neck (ewe neck) and helps to form a correct topline, which in turn helps your horse to work in the correct outline

These amazing hay nets can be used indoors or out, attached between fence posts, trees or to a wall.  Using these hay nets will help to ensure that your horses don’t develop teeth or jaw (TMJ) problems; a horse is designed to eat with the back and neck stretched downwards.

wooden pole holding haynet open for fillingHaynet-XXL is the largest of the hay nets being 3m (approx 10ft) long and 1m (just over 3ft) deep. It has been developed for use in herd situations (indoors or out) and will take up to 30 kg of hay.

Haynet-L is for feeding smaller groups of horses, being 1.5 m (approx 5ft) long and 1 m (just over 3ft) deep and will take a small bale of hay.

NB: We have been using these haynets on our track system / livery yard in west Wales for 11 years now – some inside, some outside and they are in use 24/7 in all weathers – the original ones are still going strong – they are unbelievably good value for money!

using the wooden pole to close the haynetEach haynet is supplied with a wooden pole which is used to hold the haynet open for filling, then threaded through the net to close the top (see photos).

After a 6 month series of tests the nets have proved to be safe for donkeys and mini shetland ponies too.

NB: These haynets have been developed for use with barefoot / unshod horses only

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Mesh Size

45 mm, 60 mm, Both


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