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Problems with Mud Fever, Rain Scald etc? – Try Equitech Mud Stop Shampoo

  • Premium quality product that actually meets the standards required by surgical hand washes
  • Contains a high level of humectants to control moisture
  • Virtually water, oil and grease free. It doesn’t add water to the problem, or have greases or oils which can seal the problem in
  • Contains mild surface active agents to help penetration through the hair, soften scabs and a disinfectant to kill bacteria
  • 500ml convenient “flip top”

Equitech Mud Stop Disinfectant Shampoo

A high quality shampoo soap with anti-bacterial and fungicidal activity that meets two European standards (BS EN1276 and BS EN1499) for efficacy, in a 500 ml flip-top pack.

Just rub in gently with a small quantity of water until a fine lather has been achieved. Leave for just a minute or two then rinse off to leave clean and hygienic skin and hair.

Mud Stop Shampoo is one of the products that make up the Equitech Hygiene Management System:

  1. If you can’t stop the water then control the water activity on the skin and manage Topical Hygiene by use of Equitech’s novel “Spray on and Leave” Mud Stop Disinfectant Cleaner or Mud Stop Gel
  2. Where conditions allow, use Mud Stop Disinfectant Shampoo. This is based on the principles behind making medicated handwashes used to clean and reduce microbial contamination in sensitive environments. (For Mud Fever and/or Rain Scald)

Equitech Mud Stop products have also proved to be excellent for general wound cleansing, disinfection and general hygiene management. They will form a useful addition to your tack box or first aid kit at any time of year.

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