Redmond Rock


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Redmond Rock Natural Salt & Mineral Lick

Use as a free choice mineral supplement

To feed couldn’t be simpler. The thinking behind the product is to replicate the natural intake of salt and minerals, so the product is designed to be fed from the ground, either directly or placing the rock in a feed bucket, with the horse having free access. This has the dual advantage of encouraging the horse to adopt its natural head-down stance when eating, and allowing it to take in as much or as little of the product as it requires.

Redmond Rock is harder and more resistant to damp than compressed salt licks. It is therefore more economical to feed as it does not crumble easily.

A wide range of elements is essential for the health of your horse, some only in minute quantities but none the less vitally important.

Salt is used in every cell in the body, with levels closely controlled by the kidneys. A heavy loss of salt is incurred during sweating, Horses sweat more than any other animal. Their bodies are well designed for speed and strength, but have relatively little surface area from which to lose heat, so they have to sweat heavily to keep cool. This means it is particularly important to ensure that horses have access to sufficient salt and other electrolytes, as well as plenty of clean water, in warm conditions or when working hard.

Redmond Rock not only provides salt in a natural form, but also contains minerals essential for a healthy heart and muscles; strong bones, teeth and hooves; and many metabolic processes.

Calcium and phosphorus are the key constituents of bones and teeth. Calcium is also very important for heart and muscle function; selenium is integral to muscle performance and recovery.

Iron is a core constituent of haemoglobin, which is the molecule which colours blood cells red and enables them to carry oxygen around the body. Magnesium is vital in the reactions which convert food to energy.

Sulphur is found in several amino acids, which are the basic building blocks of all the different proteins in the body.  Structures such as skin, hair and hoof need zincfor healthy growth.

Compositional analysis of Redmond Rock

shows that it is usually less than 95% salt, the rest being a mix of essential minerals. Because it is a natural product the precise composition will vary from piece to piece.

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