“Since closing the riding school in 2017 Sheila has continued to support all the horses who were in her care at that time. Some have found good homes but many are elderly or requiring ongoing care & cannot easily be rehomed.

“It’s unusual to meet someone who cares for so many horses unconditionally. Who takes them in often at personal cost. Someone who does this without shouting about it; calling themselves a rescue centre or expecting praise for all they’re doing. Sheila is one of these people…

“Despite their often complicated & costly individual needs, Sheila never complains or shouts for help either physically or financially.

“So I am shouting on her behalf…

“I am asking if there is anything, no matter how small, you are willing to give, to help her with the escalating costs?

“It could be a one-off, or a regular donation to sponsor a particular horse or pony.

Anyone sponsoring a horse or pony with an ongoing monthly donation will receive regular news & pictures of that pony. ” [Rosemary Carrington-Rogers, summer 2019]

Photos of our retired equines, some available for loan

Info on the retired horses & ponies

  • Billy – brown pony, believed to be in excess of 30 and one of our most popular ponies back in the old riding school days
  • Layla – grey pony showing off her ample hindquarters – or Princess Layla as the children like to call her, born 1995 – known as the fastest pony in the West!
  • Shado – black Section D mare, born April 1991 and doing really well – still refuses to have a rug on even in deepest winter
  • Ginnie popping a jump – chestnut mare, Welsh x Arab, born July 1997 and does now accept a rug on a really wet day in the winter
  • Jazz – black cob mare, born June 1999 and still happy to hack out
  • Ralphie – handsome boy in the mirror, born 1998
  • Enrique – the incredible mule, not available to go anywhere, he’s our Yard Manager!
  • Lady – pretty grey Section A mare, born January 2006 and available to loan
  • Johny B – stunning Cleveland Bay X – born 2007, we feel he is still young enough to find his forever human – JB is currently on loan in the Lake District & loving life there
  • Clyde – handsome skewbald gelding – born 2007 and looking for a loan home more info

After closing the riding school at Bitless Equestrian Centre in 2017 there are still mouths to feed and with the price of fodder rocketing in the winter of 2018/2019, it is becoming increasingly difficult to continue to keep all of the horses and ponies who have helped so many people to learn to ride, or in many cases, to re-learn how to trust horses and be around these wonderful creatures, as well as those people who owe their ongoing personal development to our fabulous equine friends.

Some of our golden oldies (“goldies”), especially Shado & Billy, need extra twice daily bucket feeds of forage throughout the winter since they are no longer able to chew hay efficiently (and occasional buckets in summer too). This specially prepared feed is of course much more expensive than hay or haylage.

If you have enjoyed learning to ride or have ridden at Bitless EC in the past, you are more than welcome to call in (as long as we know you’re coming) to re-acquaint yourself with old friends.

We are asking for donations to help our retired horses & ponies; no amount is too small (the well-known supermarket mantra ‘every little helps’ is particularly appropriate here) and a one-off donation or regular monthly amount is equally welcome and very much appreciated.

NB: Any that are available to loan have more information on Horses available for Loan