Horses & Ponies available for loan

Occasionally horses are available for loan, as a companion to another equine and may be available to purchase following a successful loan.

Only a home that offers as natural a lifestyle as possible – with a minimum of 24/7/365 turnout & preferably with a track and/or equicentral set up and a minimum of one other equine, preferably more, will be considered.

The horse or pony must remain barefoot & bitless and have a lifestyle with no or minimal chemical intervention (eg – herbal or homeopathic wormer only; no vaccinations, no antibiotics or anti-inflammatories except in extreme circumstances and only after consultation with Bitless & Natural Equestrian Centre).

If you think you could offer such a home, please contact us for further information & mention the horse or pony that you’re interested in.


Lady 11.2 hh Grey Section A Mare

Born in 2006, Lady was backed at around 6 years of age and was a regular in our custard club (Saturday morning sessions for children). She is a very pretty mare, exhibiting many characteristics of the older, more practical type of Section A pony.

Good to handle in every way – and has done extensive ground work.  Would excel at horse agility.  She has also been started (bitless & blinkerless) in the Saddlechariot.

She was ridden regularly (led & unled) by children in our Saturday club until we closed the riding school in 2017. She would need starting from scratch both riding & driving since it has been over 2 years now.

Truly bitless & barefoot, lives out 24/7 – definitely does not need a rug.  On our track she is self-trimming and has no health issues.

Available as a companion (with view to buy if required) to a truly natural home where she will have the opportunity to live out 24/7 with the company of at least one other equine and will remain barefoot & bitless with minimal chemical intervention.

Since it is a few years now since she has been ridden or driven, she would need starting again from scratch for anyone who wanted to pursue that option.

If you would like to know more about Lady, please contact us.

Clyde 13.3 hh skewbald gelding

Born in 2007, Clyde has been here with us on livery for a while now, however very sadly his owner’s circumstances have changed and she can no longer afford to keep him. We have taken him on and hope to find his forever home. He has been ridden in the past, but not for a couple of years, so would need starting from scratch. It goes without saying that he is only available to a natural, barefoot & bitless home.

He has no health issues and is self-trimming on our track. He is a very amiable chappy and gets on well with all the herd members, mares & geldings, young and old.

If you could offer Clyde a home as a companion, on loan or with a view to eventual purchase, then please get in touch.