Black Beta Bridle – used, draft


Includes a pair of used black synthetic Thorowgood reins

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Dr Cook Bitless Bridle, Black Beta – Draft size – used

Beta synthetic bitless bridle, black – used but in excellent condition with many years of use left.  The beta synthetic  combines the strength of nylon with the easy care of vinyl, just dunk in a bucket of water, or machine wash (max 40 deg C) to clean.  It is soft and kind to the horse whilst being very easy to maintain.

You can attach any reins to a Dr Cook bridle, but reins are not included with a new bridle.

Since Brexit, buying a used Dr Cook is by far the most cost-effective way to purchase – no international postage to pay and no import duties and buying from Bitless Equestrian (formerly Bitless Bridle UK) you know that you are buying a genuine Dr Cook Bitless Bridle, not one of the many imitations on the market.




Beta – synthetic leather-lookalike

Small (pony) 29” – 39” (74 cm – 99 cm) 18” – 22” (46 cm – 56 cm)
Medium (cob) 33” – 43” (84 cm – 109 cm) 19” – 22” (48 cm – 56 cm)
Large (full, warmblood) 38” – 48” (97 cm – 122 cm) 22” – 26” (55 cm – 66 cm)
Draft (Shire, Clydesdale etc)* 46” – 57” (117 cm – 145 cm) 24” – 28” (61 cm – 71 cm)

*Draft size bridle has wider straps than the smaller sizes and is made from highest quality 7/8” wide Beta (from Genuine BioThane USA).

To measure your horse

Measure 1½” to 2” (approx 3 – 5 cm) up from the corner of the horse’s mouth.  From that point, measure the circumference of the horse’s nose (noseband).

From that same point (1½” – 2” (3 – 5 cm) up from the corner of the horse’s mouth), run your tape measure up the side of the face, around the poll (behind the ears) to the same point on the other side of the face (headstall).

Another way of getting the headstall measurement is to measure (from 1½” – 2” [3 – 5 cm] up from the corner of the horse’s mouth) to the very top of the poll (to the point right between the ears) and double that measurement.

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