Ground Haynets for Natural Eating


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Ground-parallel Hay Nets or Ground-feeding Hay nets

We first bought some of these when we were originally setting up our track system about 13 years ago – and would you believe we still have some of those original nets – they’ve been outside 24/7 in all weathers – I cannot believe how ridiculously hard-wearing & useful these nets are.

Extremely versatile, they can be slung between two trees or posts on a track; they can be attached to a five-bar gate (the XXL one is ideal for this) and used in stables or run-in barns too.

There is a choice of mesh size either 45 mm or 60 mm, depending on what size equine you’re feeding and how wasteful they are!  We stock two haynet sizes in both mesh sizes, and we have the two in one design as well – which has 45 mm one side and 60 mm on the other – a really useful feature.

There is a lot of research to prove how harmful it is in many ways to have haynets hung up high for horses, I’m sure you are aware (or you probably wouldn’t be looking at these!) so I won’t bother preaching to the converted.


L will hold about 3/4 small bale of hay and is 1 m deep x 1.5 m long (both mesh sizes available)

XXL is twice as big, still 1 m deep, but 3 m long (both mesh sizes available)

Two-in-one Small is 90 cm x 100 cm (both mesh sizes in same net)

Two-in-one Large is 1.5 m x 1 m (both mesh sizes in same net)

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Mesh size

45 mm, 60 mm, both

Haynet Size

L, XXL, 2-in-1 S, 2-in-1 L


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