Lucie Brix – forage blocks


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Lucie Brix – feed whole & dry to mimic natural grazing – Simple System

DE: Medium
Net weight: 20kg

These are 1kg blocks of pure lucerne fed whole and dry to mimic natural grazing. The Brix are a brilliant boredom buster for horses that are in the stable for long periods of time or just getting them to use their teeth!

✓ Superior high fibre
✓ Convenient
✓ Encourages chewing

Suitable for:
• All levels of work and rest
• Occupying bored horses
• Horses with ulcers
• Easy portioning
• Feeding whole and dry

Lucie Brix are sold as bags of 20 brix. They are low in sugar and are suitable for all horses, including those prone to laminitis.

Feeding instructions

LucieBrix should be fed whole and dry.

Feed according to requirements and condition.

Use up to 1 block a day per 100kg bodyweight, i.e 5 blocks per day for a 500kg horse.

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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