Simple System Blue Bag Pellets


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High Fibre Blue Bag Grass Pellets from Simple System

DE: Low/Medium
Net weight: 20kg

6mm pellets providing mature summer grazing in a bag. All horses do well on these, particularly thoroughbreds. Ideal as a medium energy feed and useful to feed if grazing is poor.

✓ High quality fibre
✓ Lower protein
✓ Specifically grown for Simple System

Suitable for:
• Moderate levels for work
• Improving condition
• Thoroughbreds
• Feed balls
• Feeding dampened or soaked

Blue Bag Grass Pellets are lower energy and lower sugar, grass pellets. They are 100% pure Timothy grass. Unlike other grass products on the market, Simple System offers 2 distinct grass pellets so you can be sure what you are buying and what grass you are feeding.

Feeding Instructions for Blue Bag Grass Pellets

  • As with any new feed, introduce gradually over a week
  • Blue Bag Grass Pellets are ideally fed soaked
  • Alternatively, mix with soaked PuraBeet or a Simple System chop and dampen well
  • For foals, greedy, elderly or dentally challenged horses, Blue Bag Grass Pellets should be soaked
  • Use 2.5 times their volume of water

Feed according to requirement & condition
Start with 100g per 100kg of bodyweight per day, increase as required up to a maximum of 5kg per day. For example, for a 500kg horse start with 500g per day (dry weight, before soaking) and increase as required.

100% pure and free from all binders.
Any pelleted feed carries a risk of choke – we strongly recommend soaking pelleted feeds until free from lumps.

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Weight 20 kg


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