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Bitless & Natural Equestrian Centre (incorporating Bitless Bridle UK)

Our business started life in the early 2000s as Bitless Bridle UK, importing the amazing Dr Cook crossover bitless bridle from USA and selling throughout UK, Ireland and Europe.

In 2007 we were one of the first to offer track livery (combined equi-central / track / herbal grazing system)  so we have many years of experience and our track is natural (horse-made) and very well-established!

Our online shop  offers a selection of tried and tested products for naturally-kept equines in addition to a range of bitless bridles, including padded leather cross-under bitless bridles, used Dr Cook bitless bridles,FRA bitless options and LightRider bitless bridles.

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Simple System Horse Feeds – local delivery (up to 10 bags) within a 30 mile radius of SA48 8RA!

Over a period of time we are publishing articles of interest to horse-owners who are concerned with providing healthier & more natural living & working conditions for their equines (horses, ponies, donkeys & mules) as well as articles specifically to do with bitless bridles & riding – many of these were on our original Bitless Bridle UK website.

We still use and wholeheartedly recommend the Dr Cook Bitless Bridle and ‘Cook style’ cross-under bitless bridles for ridden horses as well as a safe and kind alternative to a headcollar for non-ridden equines (especially if leading out on a road) and would never, under any circumstances, use a bitted bridle on any equine!  We have some lovely padded leather Dr Cook style bitless bridles (all have been reviewed) & sometimes a used Dr Cook is available too, but they go quickly! There are also  new & used parts for Dr Cook bridles in our online shop.   If you’re looking for a specific part, please email us to enquire.

Additionally in our shop are some lovely quality leather sidepulls & hackamore bitless bridles as well as LightRider Bitless Bridles, including some bitless noseband attachments which allow a bitted bridle headpiece to be easily converted to one of the bitless options so you can try going bitless without too much expenditure ❤   FRA Calli Love & Calli Rose (hackamore types) are available as complete bridle with reins, or noseband attachment, likewise the Calli Star (sidepull).

If you have a Dr Cook or ‘Cook style’ cross-under bitless bridle or are interested in buying one, here is a pdf you may find helpful Fitting a cross-under crossover Dr Cook style bitless bridle

Sadly PHS Saddlery have confirmed they do not intend to have a distributor for Dr Cook Bitless Bridles in UK

Bitless Equestrian Blog – for latest news from the shop and the livery yard

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