Bitless & Natural Equestrian Centre

Our business started life in the early 2000s as Bitless Bridle UK, importing the amazing Dr Cook crossover bitless bridle from USA and selling throughout UK, Ireland and Europe.

When The Bitless Bridle Inc changed hands in December 2016, and was sold to PHS Saddlery (who had been manufacturing Dr Cook’s bitless bridles for 17 years), it coincided with my desire to devote more time to our livery horses, especially the retired ones and our own retired riding school horses & ponies.

We now concentrate on providing natural livery on our combined equi-central / track / herbal grazing system and supplying a small selection of tried and tested products for naturally-kept equines via our online shop.

We still use and wholeheartedly recommend the Dr Cook Bitless Bridle and would never, under any circumstances, use a bitted bridle on any equine!  We have some new & used parts for Dr Cook bridles, they are currently being added to the shop; also sometimes a used Dr Cook will be available here too.  If you’re looking for a specific part, please email us to enquire.

Sadly there is currently no distributor for Dr Cook bitless bridles in UK

– you can order direct from  in USA, or, nearer to home, from Germany