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Although we are no longer importing the Dr Cook Bitless Bridle, we do have a range of new & used parts including reins and occasionally a used Dr Cook bridle complete to sell.  Here is a link to a comprehensive FAQ on the Dr Cook Bitless Bridle which is also relevant to all cross-under bitless bridles.

We have recently added some very smart Dr Cook style bitless bridles, which we feel are excellent value for money along with other bitless options, including sidepulls & hackamore types  and the LightRider Bitless Bridle,

If you are interested in going bitless, there is a huge amount of helpful information in our Articles section

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Pat Voisey has this to say about the Dr Cook style bitless bridles we are now able to offer:

I am a qualified riding instructor, now retired from teaching, but still advise on bitless riding, going barefoot and the Total Contact Saddle.
I have worked with many horses displaying behaviour issues and assisted owners with remedial work after vet /physio treatment.

Many years ago I made the decision to only teach clients who used bitless bridles. Having tried several designs of bitless bridles on my own horses, I found the Dr Cook cross-under worked most efficiently but with the kindest action.
I have introduced literally hundreds of riders to this bridle, all horses went well using the Dr Cook, many improved both physically and behaviourally.
Owners did sometimes have reservations, especially regarding ‘brakes’, but found their fears were unfounded.
I have been saddened at the difficulty of getting Dr Cooks bridles in UK in recent years, and the cost of importing them from America, even though the leather ones are made in the UK. So, I am delighted at the quality and design of the bridles Sheila (Bitless Equestrian) has to offer, and at an amazing price.

Having tried the various Dr Cook style bitless bridles on our horses, I would highly recommend them all.

Pat Voisey