Bitless Bridles – a Collection of Articles

At last we are finding time to publish the many articles which were on our original Bitless Bridle UK website,  most of them are by Dr R W Cook and despite some of them being around 20 years old, are still as relevant today as when they were first written and published.

We are also grateful to Greg Glendell for some newer articles.

Please be patient while we collate & publish all of the articles.

Fear of the Bit – A welfare problem for horse and rider
Robert Cook FRCVS, PhD

Extremely interesting article in three parts

Part I: Why Horses Hate the Bit

Part II: Bit-induced diseases and other indictments

Part III: Behavioral Profiling Questionnaire

Benefits of The Bitless Bridle™

Robert Cook FRCVS, PhD

Comparison of the main methods of communication: bridles with various bits and bridles with no bit