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Sun is out, rugs off!

What a gorgeous day yesterday, after the horrendous wind and rain at the weekend – so warm, calm and peaceful.

All the rugs came off – including the ‘goldies’ (not Golden Retrievers in this case, it’s our affectionate name for our Golden Oldies – mostly aged 30 and over) and everyone thoroughly enjoyed soaking up the sun – whilst continuing to eat of course 😉

Back to rain today according to the forecast, but it’s not started yet, although we already have the gales…. so some will have rugs back on – as always it’s their choice as to whether they accept the rug offered, or decline by walking away.  They all have access to shelter anyway and it’s still very warm, so it will be interesting to see what they say!

That’s Shado in the photo, 30 years old, looking good in February 2021; Billy (understood to be over 30) is just behind her & Millie the cocker hoovering up the spillages… (as always)

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