Dr Cook Style Cross-under Padded Leather Bitless Bridle


Dr Cook style padded leather bitless bridle

Only black leather in cob & full available – quality handmade Spanish leather copy of Dr Cook BB

Since PHS Saddlery have sadly confirmed that they do not wish to have an agent in UK I have been looking for good quality alternatives to offer.

Currently only in black and cob or full size, if they are popular I will hopefully be able to get more.  Sizing is similar to the Dr Cook, although the nosebands are bigger.

Made in Spain from Spanish oiled leather, nicely padded and with a shaped headpiece – the difference in price between these and a genuine Dr Cook padded leather bridle imported from USA only serves to accentuate the many air miles travelled by a leather bridle made in UK from English leather to USA and then back again; compared to the Spanish leather version making the simple journey to UK from Spain.

We recommend Urad leather products to keep your leather in good condition.

The question of release

There is a long-standing debate about whether a crossover bridle releases…

The question of release is a moot point, with some humans seeming to think there is no release with a crossover bridle like the Dr Cook, but all horses seem to think that there is! We have used the Dr Cook Bitless Bridle for over 15 years – on a great variety of horses, our own & clients’ horses & have also used the bridle exclusively for backing horses over the past 15 years.

We have never had a problem with the bridle not releasing (and that applies to all the materials, English leather, Western leather, beta, webbing) – if the bridle didn’t release, then when a horse had been asked to halt he would refuse to go forward; likewise when asked to turn (right or left) the horse would circle instead of turning if the bridle didn’t release.

I think maybe people don’t think the bridle releases because very little pressure is needed in the first instance, so the release is often imperceptible to the human eye – although of course not to the horse, who is sensitive enough to feel a fly land.

Additional information

Weight .75 kg

Cob, Full



1 review for Dr Cook Style Cross-under Padded Leather Bitless Bridle

  1. Athene

    horse wearing black leather dr cook style bitless bridleI recently tried a cross under bridle from Sheila. I’ve always ridden in Dr Cook bridles so it had big boots to fill. I’m pleased to say the bridle was lovely! Beautiful quality leather and looks really smart on.
    If I was going to split hairs I would say the rings for the cross under straps are a touch small for my liking however if these were bigger I’d happily swap over to these from the Dr Cook, you can’t beat the quality for the price at all.

    [Taking Athene’s comments on board, we now have these lovely bridles with larger O rings on the noseband] showing larger O rings fitted to the noseband of black leather padded bitless bridle

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