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To say we are delighted with the response to the new Dr Cook style bitless bridles we have been trialling would be an understatement!

In the wake of it being made clear to me that are not the slightest bit interested in selling genuine Dr Cook BBs in UK,  we have been searching and researching other types of bitless bridles, as well as the lovely padded leather Dr Cook style bitless bridles that are already proving very popular.  In keeping with our pledge to only offer for sale items we use ourselves, all the bitless bridles now on offer have been tried out by our team, with the exception of the three sidepulls – we are confident that they are the same high quality of padded leather as this company’s other products and a sidepull “does what it says on the tin”!

thor in the paded leather Indy bitless bridle

Thor looking great in the Indy Dr Cook style bitless bridle (full havana)

Matt trialled the Indy full size padded havana Dr Cook style bitless bridle on his stunning cob Thor (on right & with blue ears in the gallery photos)  Matt commented:

“Love the poll protection really really nice! Thick soft. Perfect👌

Nose band was equally as nice.

Love that the cross unders and side pieces go over the head – better for pressure distribution imo.

Browband fitted him really well. Tried it in walk trot canter and gallop. All perfect.

No issues with lunatic galloping horses in the field next to us I didn’t have a problem keeping him calm with this bridle.”

Clydesdale horse with Dietsji shire size bitless bridle, padded havana

Boston shows off the Dietsji ‘shire’ size with matching non-slip reins

Si trialled the padded havana Dietsji ‘shire’ size on his beautiful Clydesdale Boston (main photo & left).

He loved the rope crossovers, said it was smooth steering.  He found the control was much more direct and didn’t slip like their current bitless (sidepull). Si would have loved to have tried it on his other Clydesdale Jack, but unfortunately the noseband wasn’t big enough for Jack.


[We have arranged for the ‘Shire’ size Dietsji to have a bigger noseband, but these larger nosebands won’t be available until around April 2024.]

This is Debbie & Billy’s review of the Dietsji cob size in black with blue trim

bay cob wearing dietsji blue crossunder bitless bridle with matching reins

Billy showing off the cob size Dietsji black with blue trim & matching non-slip reins

The Dietsji bridle is beautifully made, I loved the soft leather and the gorgeous white stitching, the noseband and browband were nicely padded as my boy has a sensitive nose it’s perfect, and the blue colour just adds the final touch. Loved the rope cross unders they just glide through the rings, so always a quick release. It also comes with reins with blue detail. Really pleased with it after a trial👍

Sheila was so helpful, showed me lots of options and sent me this one, she talked me through the fit too. Definitely recommend this company and this bridle, I am ordering another for my other pony too.💙

Pdf which you can download with some tips on fitting a cross-under bitless bridle

Fitting a cross-under [crossover] Dr Cook style bitless bridle

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