Lucie Nuts 12mm Lucerne


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Simple system premium 12mm lucerne nuts, naturally high in calcium & protein to support muscles & bones

  • Simple System’s most popular feed
  • economical
  • ideal for older horses

suitable for

  • all levels of work
  • improving stamina
  • all equines
  • metabolic issues
  • feeding soaked

100% pure and free from all binders

As with any new feed, introduce gradually over a week.  Occasionally a horse may show sensitivity to lucerne, so be aware when introducing any lucerne product to their diet.

Soak until free from lumps, using 1 part LucieNuts to 2.5 parts water.

Feed according to requirements and condition.
Start with 100g per 100kg of bodyweight per day, increase as required up to a maximum of 5kg per day. For example, for a 500kg horse start with 500g per day (dry weight, before soaking) and increase as required.

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