MalleMash – *New*


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MalleMash new feed from Simple System

Dietary Support for Mallenders, Sallenders, CPI & dry, itchy skin

A complete high fibre mash, rich in omega 3 and natural vitamins and minerals. Provides dietary support for equines affected by Mallenders, Sallenders, CPL and dry itchy skin.

  • Highly palatable
  • Soaks instantly
  • Healthy coat & skin
  • Rich in essential omega 3#
  • Convenient mash format
  • Fussy eaters

Feeding Instructions

  • As with any new feed, introduce gradually over a week
  • Feed soaked, use 2.5 parts water to 1 part feed – soaks instantly
  • Feed 100g per 100kg of ideal body weight (i.e. 500g per day for a 500kg horse)
  • For those requiring increased support, feed double this amount


Timothy grass, Beet pulp, Cooked full fat linseed, Seaweed meal, Sodium chloride

Additional information

Weight 16 kg


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