Perform & Shine grass chop with oil


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Premium grass chop with cold pressed linseed oil from Simple System

Perform & Shine
DE: High
Net weight: 15kg

Perform & Shine is a premium grass blend (timothy and cocksfoot) coated in cold pressed linseed oil.

. High in digestible energy
. Encourages chewing & saliva production
. Palatable & dust free

Suitable for:
. Fuelling medium to hard work
. Improving shape & condition
. Competition horses
. Fussy eaters
. Poor doers

Want to feed chaff more naturally than in a bucket? Have a look at the Shake & Graze Chaff Net

Due to the naturally occurring sugars in the grasses, we would not recommend Perform & Shine for horses and ponies prone to laminitis. Timothy Chop will be more suitable for laminitis prone equines.

Perform & Shine contains a 2% coating of linseed oil so we would still recommend feeding Instant Linseed alongside Perform & Shine for the benefits of linseed. This is a nice, soft chop for those wanting a high energy alfalfa-free chaff. Alternative to Alfa-A Oil.

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