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Saddle Pad made by Poly Pad UK specifically for Total Contact Saddle (TCS)

New colours!

It has been designed in conjunction with, and made by Poly Pad (UK) and also from comments and feedback from TCS clients. Shown is the black version of the pad. It can be used with another pad on top (maybe a coloured, shaped pad ?) if your horse needs a bit more padding because of condition, conformation or pre-existing conditions. The main features of the pad are:

  • The pad is 61cms long on the back and 50 cms wide when folded with approx 3cms of padding
  • It has five d-rings ‘to hang things from’ – 3 on the back edge and 2 on the front
  • A velcro strap is fitted to the front edge to slip around billet/girth straps for added security
  • Across the top is a rubberised material to give grip to the seat, another pad and, to the underside of the saddle which has a suede centre and so will help no slipping (not that the TCS slipped anyway !)
  • The padding is uniform across the whole pad and especially across the spineous processes as it has no centre seam
  • There is a reflective strip on the back edge in case of riding in low light
  • There are two V-shaped pockets either side of the pad with velcro fastenings for ease of access. The pockets are big enough for a sandwich, carton of drink, short lead rope, phone among other things
  • The pad is shaped at the front edge to allow freedom of shoulder movement

Here’s a video made by a TCS client about the pad

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Black, Brown, Navy, Turquoise, Royal Blue, Maroon, Red, Forest Green, Neon Yellow, Grey, Neon Orange


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