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The Total Contact Saddle is suitable for a very wide range of horses (breeds, types, conformation) as well as riders of all levels of styles, shapes and sizes

“One saddle really does fit all”

Synthetic version now available for those who like to ride in all weathers, vegan too!

This amazing saddle is a bit like riding bareback, but with stirrups – you are able to feel the horse moving underneath you, which gives an excellent rapport and you have the security of stirrups.  I have had a TCS for quite a few years now, and would never contemplate riding in anything else (like I would never contemplate riding with anything other than a bitless bridle!)

There are long & short billet (girth strap) versions – for the long billets you would use a dressage girth (as used on treeless saddles), with the short (traditional) billets you would use a conventional girth (as used on treed saddles).

Why should I use a TCS?

With enhanced rapport between the horse and rider it’s possible to ride with minimum effort and aids, to understand how the horse is reacting and for the horse to understand the rider more. Of course this does mean that poor technique on the part of both does show up but that’s quickly put right and such things as rider crookedness, poor balance and ineffective aids are improved as the positive feedback loop between action and intention is clarified and both horse and rider learn from it.

Some clients have reported their horse goes better in the TCS, is more responsive, is more relaxed, moves easier through their shoulder and back and riders typically take about 15 minutes to forget that they’re riding in it as they feel their horse breathe, sigh; feel the back work and flex; and then really start to enjoy their horse.

What about pressure on the horse’s back?

In short the Total Contact Saddle has been tested by a technician of the SMS with their Pliance System and it was not found to have pressure peaks (red areas) when using a very fine horse in walk, trot and canter.

In July 2020 a study was conducted by Sparsholt University Centre and was peer-reviewed and presented at the 20UKESC Conference. The study showed that the TCS had ‘significantly lower’ pressure readings (left, right, front, back) than a normal saddle.

What goes under the TCS?

We recommend a gel-eze pad next to the skin, then either a saddle pad or Western blanket on top of the gel-eze and under the TCS.  In conjunction with Poly Pad UK we have a new saddle pad specifically for the TCS

What leathers / stirrups should I use?

The stirrup attachment on the saddle allows for a range of stirrup leathers, and even western fenders, to be used. This includes the standard English style as well as Webbers. You can use any type of stirrup that suits your needs and fits your leathers.

If you are local to us SA48 8RA near Lampeter, we have a TCS which is used regularly and you are welcome to call in to see it.

Now available with free shipping!

Download the Total Contact TCS Information sheet

NB: The Total Contact Saddle is supplied without pad, girth, stirrups or leathers – for the long billet version we have the Back on Track therapy dressage girth.

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Black leather, Havana leather, Synthetic


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