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Anyone who feeds round hay to animals needs a Buddy!

We discovered this simple but effective way of reducing waste from round bales of hay and haylage quite a few years ago now and have never looked back.

They are very popular with our customers and many come back for more, having experienced the huge savings from their initial purchase.

In November 2020, with the uncertainty of Brexit looming (we had been sourcing our BBBs in France), we decided to import directly from Canada and Bitless Equestrian Centre is now the UK distributor for the amazing Big Bale Buddy.

So – we can supply immediately from stock and have been able to reduce our prices considerably

The photo shows Rosey – the wonderful, elderly Shire (former brood mare), rescued from the meat man by EMW (Equine Market Watch Sanctuaries) and who we were honoured to have living here at the Centre for a few amazing years until she crossed over the bridge.

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