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LightRider Bitless Bridle now available from Bitless Equestrian!

The LightRider bitless bridle has been around since 2008, helping horses and owners to experience a more comfortable, calmer & safer riding experience

Although we have more experience with the Dr Cook Bitless Bridle than any other, having used it personally; used it extensively in our riding school and been UK distributor from early 2000s, we have recently trialled the LightRider as an alternative bitless option and like it (we wouldn’t offer it for sale if we didn’t!)

What I really like about the LightRider is that you can purchase just a noseband with attachments which can easily be fitted to any existing bitted bridle making the transition to bitless much easier.

This means that you can add the synthetic LightRider noseband to a rope bridle or even a driving bridle, thus eliminating the need for a whole new bridle

lightrider bitless noseband fitted to rope bridle

We are also offering the LightRider complete bridle in black or brown leather

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