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Sorry for “long time no blog” – things have been a bit hectic here over the last few months including me getting a new hip!

Delighted to say we have been appointed as stockists for Simple System Horse Feeds – find them here.  If there is a Simple System product you use, or would like to try, which is currently not shown on our website, just let us know and we can get it in for you and/or arrange for samples.

There are a some exciting new products since I last used / looked at Simple System – firstly two Sainfoin products – Sainfoin translated from French means “healthy hay” and is very old-fashioned legume crop which is coming back into favour – it contains naturally occurring tannins (digestive aid) and high in copper so aids the body to naturally repel parasites.

Excellent as a change for horses who are intolerant to lucerne and offers a change of flavour.  Sainfoin is very palatable.

The other product I’d like to mention is HayCare – pelleted forage which can be a complete replacement for hay – and can be fed ad lib as hay.  Excellent for those horses who cannot eat hay due to dentition issues, soaked into a hay mash.  It is 100% Timothy hay.

Happy New Year!

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