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£20 off BBB for 2 weeks only – Happy Mother’s Day!

bog bale buddy round bale feederDespite the early signs of spring – increased day length, daffodils, frogspawn, there’s not much sign of grazing yet so to help you out we are offering £20 off our Big Bale Buddy round bale feeders for just 2 weeks from today.

Big bale buddy bitless equestrian We never know when there will be enough grazing in Spring to make a difference to the amount of hay or haylage consumed and – likewise at the end of summer – we don’t know how soon we will be needing hay in quantity again; and some of us feed hay all year round.

A Big Bale Buddy takes up very little room when not in use – the sort of thing, at this price, you can afford to have ready for any time it’s needed.

And even at full price, the Big Bale Buddy will very soon pay for itself in the hay or haylage that you will save, compared to other ways of feeding round bales of hay

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