Brewers’ Yeast



Brewers’ Yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae)

Brewers yeast is an excellent supplement with many benefits – it is a great source of trace elements, especially zinc and B vitamins (important for brain function as well as gut) and is a prebiotic.

It supports the nervous & digestive systems & helps maintain hoof, coat & eye condition.

Sweet Itch

Brewers’ yeast has been found to be helpful in reducing symptoms of sweet itch too; ideally it needs to be offered throughout the year to be most effective during the summer months.  We find horses prefer it mixed with water and offered as a paste or even a drink.

Fleas (cats & dogs)

It also seems to be effective in reducing fleas on cats & dogs – our dogs lick the buckets that the horses have had their yeast in and our cats will take it dry when they need it (we leave it in a small dish for them to help themselves).

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