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Four Seasons Anti-Parasitic 12x Tincture – herbal & homeopathic

Dosage & Information – Shake well before use!

Conventional chemical wormers work by adding irritants and poisons to the digestive tract of the animal, killing and expelling a proportion of parasites and their eggs.

These are then discharged, the eggs lying dormant until picked up from the ground when they re-establish themselves in the digestive tract, so completing the cycle.

Conventional treatments are not able to offer continuous protection against re-infection, the only apparent option being regular treatment against re-established infestation.

Four Seasons is made from only 100% natural ingredients, known and used for many hundreds of years by herbalists, combining herbal and homeopathic ingredients. As such it operates in two ways:

  • Firstly the homeopathic ingredients support the digestive organs allowing the natural expulsion of parasites to occur through the animal’s own natural defence system.
  • Secondly the astringent effects of the herbal ingredients act directly on parasites, creating a hostile environment for them.

Tests show the effect is long term and gentle & the opportunities to re-establish infestation reduced, leading to naturally lower egg and worm counts.


We are sometimes asked if Four Seasons Anti-Parasitic is effective against tapeworm and the answer is yes, it is.  However if you are dealing with a horse with a high count for tapeworm, the advice is to give a single dose once every three days for three weeks, then re-test.

Tapeworms cannot be prevented but once they have migrated in the body the four seasons will encourage expulsion.

Directions for Use

Can be syringed directly into the mouth or mixed with food, providing no other animal has access to the food. The amount per month may be given in one dose or split into two equal amounts and given on 2 consecutive days.

Please store safely away from direct sunlight and heat, re-seal after use and wash syringe carefully after each use.

Safe to use on bitches in-whelp, mares in-foal, goats in-kid, sheep in-lamb etc.

100% safe & natural with no known side-effects or contra-indications

Animal per month
Horse 40ml
Cattle 40 ml
Alpaca 10 ml
Sheep 5ml
Goat 4ml
Pygmy Goat 3ml
Dog 2ml
Cat 1ml
Rabbit 1ml

(Four Seasons can be used from eight weeks of age at half dosage rate, then increase to full rate from 12 weeks of age.)


Herbal  Quassia Bark, Gentian Root, Hibiscus Flowers, Ginger, Clove, White Willow, Natural Salts

Homeopathic  Filis-Max 12x, Cina 12x, Ferrum-Met 12x, Sulphur 30, Abrotanium 12x, Teucrium-Mar 12x

We recommend regular faecal worm egg counts are carried out to monitor efficacy of any worming regime.  

From the manufacturer:

“We have produced the Four Seasons Anti-parasitic for nearly twenty years so we know the normal pattern of results expected, a chemical wormer expels parasites {as well as beneficial bacteria} for the short time it is in the horse’s gut, allowing a future build up of worms until the next time it is used. The Four Seasons does not work on this level, it allows the horse to host an acceptable level of worms as well as encouraging the long term expulsion of encysted parasites – a lot of work and research has been carried out in the States as to why horses have, over the last twenty five years, developed allergies and respiratory conditions.  It has been found that the horse, like all living creatures, requires a managed level of worms to allow the proper functioning of the immune response system, it is becoming commonplace for horses affected by these conditions to be given a controlled level of worms to increase their natural immune response. We have been aware of this since first developing the Four Seasons and can confirm that the long term affect will be to control levels to a natural balance, it will take up to a year for your horses to fully respond & adapt to this pattern.

“Horses cannot be stopped from consuming worms and eggs, it happens all the time & worm counts reflect this, the problem only becomes serious if the horse does not expel these; this is where the Four Seasons benefits as it encourages the expulsion of eggs and worms – if you used the Four Seasons and had a worm count showing a low or nil count then it would be questionable if the product was working – we would expect a medium to high count especially during the first twelve months.

“We ourselves carry out worm counts on our trial yards as well as general counts using a range of types of wormers; we carry out submersion, flotation and microscopic test to establish a true count.  We checked the majority of the 2012 event and show jumping horses for the British and Belgium teams {many are using the Four Seasons} and can confirm that whichever system is used there are always high and low counts depending on how good a host the horse is, a conventional veterinary worm count is carried out on a centimal grade meaning that the sample is spread over a hundred grids, one is counted for live eggs only and the result is multiplied by a hundred to give your final count.

“We have kept horses for many years and like others sent our samples off for testing; we also used to send split samples to check if the results were accurate & always got contradictory results back, (one split sample had a count of over 20,000 the other half showed low to nil), so we are aware of the failings of this commercial type of count, that’s why we carry out manual full sample counts.”

If you are looking for an alternative herbal wormer, we highly recommend No Verms

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50 ml, 100 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 5 litres


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