GreenGold Lucerne chop


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GreenGold – pure lucerne chop, no coatings, from Simple System

DE: Medium
Net weight: 15kg

This is a pure lucerne uncoated chop which has good levels of protein, calcium and has low levels of sugar and starch so this should help build and support muscle, topline, strong hooves and supply plenty of energy in slow release form.

✓ Superior high fibre
✓ Encourages chewing
✓ Nutrient rich chop

Suitable for
• All levels of work and rest
• Improving Stamina
• Stallions and broodmares
• Young, growing horses
• Feeding dampened

Feeding Instructions

As with any new feed, introduce gradually over a week.

GreenGold should be fed dampened.

Feed according to requirements and condition.
Use up to 1kg a day per 100kg bodyweight, i.e. 5kg (dry weight) per day for a 500kg horse.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg


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