Hay Tunnel – slow feeder hay net / use inside or outside


Horse Hay Tunnel Net – Horse Hay Slow Feeder Net

Portable Horse Hay / Haylage Net that can easily hang up in a stable / on the yard or outside on a track system

The Horse Hay Tunnel Slow Feeder Net holds up to 10kgs of dry hay approx so ample capacity yet will slow greedy horses down

  • Ideal for horses stabled overnight or on a track system. Small holes to restrict hay / haylage intake and reduce wastage
  • Using the Horse Hay Tunnel Net saves you so much money on wasted forage, they also provide your horse with prolonged and controlled access to forage which brings many physical and mental health benefits
  • The Horse Hay Tunnel Net features a metal ring at each end. These rings keeps the net in shape
  • An easy-opening zipper at each end makes filling up easy
  • Two long straps for various hanging options
  • Holes are 5.5mm approx
  • Diameter of the rings is 53cm and the net between the rings is 70cm long approx when outstretched
  • Holds approx 10kg of dry hay
  • Black only

Additional information

Weight 1.9 kg


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