Trickle Net Softee large – up to 8.5 kg dry hay


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Trickle Net Softee large, holds up to 8.5 kg dry hay – reduces wastage, improves gut function, manages hay intake

These nets have been updated, with hardwearing web seams inside and around the top edge, making them even stronger and so easy to fill.

The Softee nets are made with high quality 5mm PP mesh giving a 20mm hole for super slow feeding, and a luxurious feel with silky smooth mesh.

The Trickle Net Softee increases your horse’s grazing time and limits how much forage they can access per mouthful with 20 mm hole size – it has been known for a long time that so-called ‘slow feeding’ is more natural & healthier for your equine.

The benefits to using Trickle Nets continue to amaze us. Saving you so much money on wasted forage and bedding, they also provide your horse with prolonged and controlled access to forage which brings many physical and mental health benefits. Grazing keeps your horse happy, and with a Trickle Net they can graze anywhere.

Each Trickle Net® has been hand stitched in England to provide you with the highest quality most sturdy and robust feeding net available. The nets are made from very strong 4mm rot proof braided polyethylene. The hole size is 20 mm and the Trickle Net® is large enough to hold 8.5kgs of dry hay. It is very easy to use and also water proof / rot proof so can be submerged for hay soaking.

Video showing the Softee thread rope

These nets are super strong, heavy duty and made to do a very specific job. They do take a few weeks to ‘soften up’ and using them regularly will break them in best.

Some horses can take a few days to get used to a Trickle Net. They can’t grab and pull large amounts as they do with other nets. Your horse needs to nibble and pluck, the same method they use when grazing. We advise that you introduce any Trickle Net product beside the usual forage feeding method.

The vast majority of customers report Trickle Nets lasting for years without damage. So we don’t expect your Trickle Net to be damaged easily, we make them as tough as possible! However if your horse does manage to damage the Trickle Net within 6 months of purchase then contact us. We will help with a free repair or free fix up twine.

We don’t sell our nets with a repair kit, as we have faith in the quality and that they will last you and your horse years to come!

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