Round Bale Net from Trickle Net – slow feeder; mimics grazing


Regrettably these amazing round bale Trickle Nets are out of stock until at least mid February.  Orders will be sent out on a first come – first served basis as soon as stock arrives.

Please consider the Trickle Net Topper Net as a possible alternative

Available on back-order

Haynet for large round bales of hay or haylage / use alone or with Big Bale Buddy, Haybell or similar

Whilst these are temporarily out of stock, please consider the Trickle Net Topper Net as a possible solution to saving waste hay, we have used one over a round bale in a Big Bale Buddy and it works well!

This amazing Large Round Bale net from Trickle Net can double the time your bale lasts and cut waste to almost nothing! Strong 35 mm holes are ideal for slow feeding multiple horses and can be used with round bale hay or haylage. Tailored to fit the bale, they are very easy to fit. The netting will not hold water and is totally weatherproof.

These can be used on their own, or in conjunction with a small or large Big Bale Buddy (put over the top of the BBB, not inside) or under a Haybell to keep wastage to the absolute minimum.

  1. Fit your Bale Net over the round bale so the rope seam sits around the top edge of the bale. Do not remove the net wrap before you do this!
  2. Then flip the bale over so it is sitting within the net with an open top end. Now you can remove the net wrap while the bale is sitting inside the Bale Net.
  3. Pull the Bale Net up around the bale, and use the draw string to pull the open end closed. Tie the string up in a bundle and tuck it inside the netting.
  4. Top Tip keep the bundled string in a small bag, such as a washing tablet bag.
  5. Finally flip the bale so that the tied end sits under the hay, and the rope ring sits around the top.
  6. When the bale is almost gone, remove the last of the hay before the tied end is exposed.

The Trickle Net Round Bale Net has a drawstring for closure at the open end. It is important that this string is pulled, knotted and tidied away under the bale to prevent any loose string. We recommend that you empty the last remains of the bale before the string is revealed.

The vast majority of customers report Trickle Nets lasting for years. Trickle Nets are made as tough as possible, and damage is rare. If your horse does manage to damage a Trickle Net, we can help with a free repair kit within 3 months of purchase.

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