Topper Net for feeding rings / tombstone feeders


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Trickle Net Topper Net for all feeding rings, tombstone feeders – up to 225cm diameter

These also work well as a net over the Big Bale Buddy using the bungee supplied to secure to a pallet – see photos

Slow feed your horses to reduce weight, improve gut health & manage laminitis – and reduce wastage to almost nothing

A super strong net, designed to fit all feeding rings up to 225 cm in diameter. Gives full coverage to any amount of forage. The 35 mm holes ensure slower feeding with virtually no waste. A bungee cord is supplied to fix onto your feeding ring.

Recommended by vets and nutritionists to regulate forage feeding, improve gut health and manage laminitis. 

Trickle Net = the best slow feeder small hole haynets you can buy

Super strong. Save time and money on hay and haylage. Easily control ad lib forage while reducing waste to virtually nothing

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