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We have been spring cleaning – I know a bit late in the year but we’re getting there!

Since we closed the Bitless Riding School and consequently have fewer horses & ponies, we find we have various items which are surplus to requirements, so offering them for sale in a special category here in our online shop.

In line with our claims not to sell anything we don’t / haven’t used ourselves, many of the items for sale are used versions of things you can (or could previously) buy new from our online shop.  So grab a bargain!

Here’s a summary of the sorts of things that are / will be available…

Links above will be updated as more items are added.  Here’s a link to the category Used ex Bitless Riding School where you will find everything currently available.

Money raised will go towards the upkeep of our retired horses and ponies – in the natural manner to which they’ve become accustomed 😍

If you are particularly interested in any of the items above which are not yet in the shop, please email me so I can prioritise.

And when it’s gone, it’s gone (as they say)!

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