Simple Balance Plus – Pellet Balancer


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Simple Balance + is the pelleted version of Total Eclipse

It contains vitamins & minerals, a prebiotic for gut health and plenty of Omega 3. Simple Balance + also contains a blend of lucerne and grass, mint and salt. Simple Balance + is very palatable and easy to feed.

✓ Natural vitamins, minerals & prebiotic
✓ Excellent levels of Omega 3
✓ Pelleted for convenience

Suitable For
• Overall health
• Improving condition
• Superb coat
• Strong hooves
• Supporting immune function
• Supporting digestive health

Feeding rate: 100g per 100kg of bodyweight

Composition: Lucerne, Timothy grass, Cooked full fat linseed, Seaweed meal, Stabilised dried yeast, Sodium chloride (rock salt), Spearmint

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Weight 15 kg


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